This site is created after the basic site at

This site is created after the basic site at

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The post-doctorate pursuit the research on the present site :

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This work is dedicated first to my son Ghislain, Bill TWITCHETT and Geneviève VIAL whose respective being and work is a source of tireless inspiration and a source of perseverance in all the uncertainties. They passed away, but they guided me on the path of Anne Poelina, Ian Perdrisat and Magali McDuffie. Six people who change my life, with the help of Jennifer Hibbard, Dana Kelly, Brian McIntosh, Christine Black, Gwen Knox and G-P Vaillant (my famous namesake, writer and storyteller). Thank you from the heart. I ask them to forgive me for my disheartening slowness, as strong as my perseverance. This is simply the meaning of my life which is engaged in that way. The Post-Doctorate is only one step.