2.A.2. Publication at the 3rd UNESCO-NGO Forum, Yamoussoukro, 2014

2.A.1.     Publication at the 3rd UNESCO-NGO Forum, Yamoussoukro, 2014

The summary of this methodological and conceptual work was presented at the 3rd International NGO-UNESCO Forum on « Access to water for all in Africa » in Yamoussoukro, Ivory Coast, Africa, on July 30th, 2014. This summary can be accessed on the website of the liaison committee of the NGOs at UNESCO at the following address:


The method thus developed was applied by Janine Marin, a member of ISOCARP, on five case studies all over the world, during this same Forum, and the summary entitled “Freshwater finally available for all” is available at the following address:


Here are the five case studies:

  • Analysis: « The fear of water in Moldova » from Dany Bosom (CMP) (Eastern Europe Region)
  • Analysis: « Fish farming in lacustrine environment in Ivory Coast », from D. Coulibaly (APDRA/CI) (sub-Saharan Africa)
  • Analysis: « Tank Project » in Papua New Guinea, from E. Newman (CIF/Australia) (Asia and Pacific)
  • Analysis: « Agua Riobamba » in Ecuador, from Marlene Barba – Ramirez (AVSF) (Latin America and the Caribbean)
  • Analysis: “Woman, Child, Water » in Tunisia, from MC Gries of the Barbelais (s. I.) (Arab region)

(The publications can be found on the DVD in Appendix_UNESCO)

2.A.2.     Finalised Texts

The published texts are from the 49th ISOCARP Congress and of the 2nd UNESCO Forum.

Other texts, ranging from 4 pages (A3 R.V.) to a dozen pages, were produced during the year. These texts may be the subject of separate publications. Quoting some examples below:

  • “Ideals of the Republic and connection to the Earth” (10 pages)
  • The drop of experience and the poetic/spiritual dimension (L.M. Chauvet) (6 pages and a schema)