2.C.9. Critical analysis data: mining in Australia: a myth of progress?

2.C.9.     Critical analysis data: mining in Australia: a myth of progress?


  • 2.C.9.1. To Exploit or Not To Exploit? The lessons of the James Price Point / Walmadany Gas Hub

Following the very strong non-violent mobilization of the population, he largest gas hub in the world, that was to be built at James Price Point, has been postponed for a decade. What lessons can we learn from this? Here are five:

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  • 2.C.9.2. What consequences for the Super Canning Basin?

As a result, a participatory approach for Canning Basin will allow to find the best development solutions based on rigorous scientific studies, by addressing the following themes:

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  • 2.C.9.3. Where are the alternatives up to in terms of renewable Energies?

France, as most European countries, develops scenarios of transition towards renewable energies with the goal of 100% renewable energy in 2015. The four energies which have been taken into account as being relevant at the national level are the following:

  • Gas of France
  • CLER

There are also global approaches known for their relevance, which are to be broadcast for the general public to become aware that there exist real, relevant, and effective alternatives (but out of the realms of multinational profits). The Afterres 2050 scenario shows how the initiatives which are currently broadcast will help to implement in 15 to 20 years, a convergence that will bring a different vision of the world.

Global approaches for 100% Renewable Energy in 2050 for USA can be found at following web address (quote in NEGAWATT scenario for France):

Towns in transition (Carnavaron, …)

Auto-managed towns. Participative budget (San Salvador, Porto Allegre, …)