2.A.2. Publication at the 3rd UNESCO-NGO Forum, Yamoussoukro, 2014

2.A.1.     Publication at the 3rd UNESCO-NGO Forum, Yamoussoukro, 2014

The summary of this methodological and conceptual work was presented at the 3rd International NGO-UNESCO Forum on “Access to water for all in Africa” in Yamoussoukro, Ivory Coast, Africa, on July 30th, 2014. This summary can be accessed on the website of the liaison committee of the NGOs at UNESCO at the following address:


The method thus developed was applied by Janine Marin, a member of ISOCARP, on five case studies all over the world, during this same Forum, and the summary entitled “Freshwater finally available for all” is available at the following address:


Here are the five case studies:

  • Analysis: “The fear of water in Moldova” from Dany Bosom (CMP) (Eastern Europe Region)
  • Analysis: “Fish farming in lacustrine environment in Ivory Coast”, from D. Coulibaly (APDRA/CI) (sub-Saharan Africa)
  • Analysis: “Tank Project” in Papua New Guinea, from E. Newman (CIF/Australia) (Asia and Pacific)
  • Analysis: “Agua Riobamba” in Ecuador, from Marlene Barba – Ramirez (AVSF) (Latin America and the Caribbean)
  • Analysis: “Woman, Child, Water” in Tunisia, from MC Gries of the Barbelais (s. I.) (Arab region)

(The publications can be found on the DVD in Appendix_UNESCO)

2.A.2.     Finalised Texts

The published texts are from the 49th ISOCARP Congress and of the 2nd UNESCO Forum.

Other texts, ranging from 4 pages (A3 R.V.) to a dozen pages, were produced during the year. These texts may be the subject of separate publications. Quoting some examples below:

  • “Ideals of the Republic and connection to the Earth” (10 pages)
  • The drop of experience and the poetic/spiritual dimension (L.M. Chauvet) (6 pages and a schema)